Butterflies 2015

Learning to fly with our own wings

Fantastic good work assembly!


The class are really enjoying our Space theme and worked really hard to produce an amazing assembly to share all of their good work.

we had Star Wars, Star Catchers, planets of the Solar System and even our own YouTubers explains how to make things with their wonderful instructions.


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What is bullying?

What should I do if I am bullied?

Why do people bully?

This week is anti-bullying week. We are talking about bullying and sharing ways that we can deal with the problems of bullying.

How can you make a noise about bullying?


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Children in need



What a wonderful day we have enjoyed. Thank you for all making the effort to dress in your pj’s today and donating money to help other children. I loved reading from your favourite books and seeing all your super heroes. I hope your teddies enjoyed their visit to our class too!

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Champions of Change


This year, the theme for BBC’s Children in Need is Champions of Change. Your blogging challenge is to describe how you could make a difference to people’s lives and change the world. The school will donate 2p for every valid blog comment.

Good luck!

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Half term in 3 words


I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful break and had lots of adventures. Can you sum up your week in just 3 words?

Tricky… but have a go!

Mine would be… Mad family fun!

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Don’t give up!



Sometimes we have bad days and feel that everything is going wrong. We might be confused, hurt, upset or just simply don’t understand what we are supposed to be doing. Don’t give up! Tomorrow might just be a better day.

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A new start!


A very warm welcome back to a new school year and a new start in year 3.

We have lots of exciting learning activities waiting for you and look forward to getting to know you all.

See you soon

Mrs Holt


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